Photo Shoot at The Green Building: a Glimpse into the Space and Behind-the-Scenes

Working as a creative director & yoga model integrates two of my greatest passions - yoga & creativity.  Part of the preparation for each photo shoot includes scouting for unique and standout locations.  While it can be fun to explore and visit new places, sometimes finding just the right spot for a project can be challenging.  So when I came across The Green Building in Brooklyn NY, I admit I may have gotten more than a little excited at the prospect of shooting there.

From the moment I laid eyes on this picturesque space I could see just how perfectly it would highlight the beauty of the asana (yoga pose).  And indeed it was easy capturing striking photos here - each angle of this rustic-modern, industrial chic space was stunning.  Original brick walls, soaring exposed beam ceilings, and four beautiful chandeliers are just some of the features of this building that dates back to 1889.



I also got to take some fun photos with these gorgeous LOVE letters (provided by Starling on Bond.)  And when the letter 'O' went for a lunch break, I had no problem filling in for him :)


Many thanks to the folks at the The Green Building and to the wonderful photographer, John F. Cooper, for making this shoot successful and lots of fun!

More info and booking for The Green Building here: